The image shows three women standing in front of a decorated backdrop. The backdrop consists of purple metallic fringe curtains, large decorative purple and white paper rosettes, and black-and-white photographs of various people. Silver balloon letters spelling out an unclear phrase are also part of the decor. In the center is a life-size figurine dressed in a shiny purple outfit.  Details:  The woman on the left has shoulder-length dark hair, wears a white cardigan over a black-and-white patterned top, blue jeans, and white sneakers with pastel accents. She holds up a sign. The woman in the middle has long dark hair, some of which is streaked with blonde, and she wears a black sleeveless top, ripped blue jeans, and cowboy boots. She is posed as if singing into a large, glittery microphone and is animatedly engaging with the figurine. The woman on the right has long dark hair with bangs, wears a black crop top, high-waisted black jeans, and black sneakers. She also holds up a sign. Text on Signs:  The sign held by the woman on the left reads: "Bidi Bidi Amor!" The sign held by the woman on the right reads: "Bidi bidi bom bom."


Latin American Programs, formerly known as Chicano Programs, supports students and community members from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Historically, our program has focused on supporting Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx students from diverse backgrounds in navigating and succeeding in the university. Our commitment to educating and building community is reflected in our inclusive and intersectional events, resources, and opportunities. This program uplifts, acknowledges, and celebrates Latinx, Chicanx, and Hispanic traditions, histories, culture, and identities at NMSU, a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). We welcome students from all backgrounds to learn with and from us!

The image portrays two individuals, a man and a woman, dressed in traditional Day of the Dead attire and face paint, standing indoors on a reddish-brown tiled floor. The man on the left wears a black jacket, black pants, and black boots. His face is painted to resemble a skull. He holds a white cup with a straw. The woman on the right wears a colorful embroidered dress with floral patterns, a wide-brimmed hat decorated with flowers, and a woven bag. Her face is also painted to resemble a skull. She is holding a plate with traditional bread associated with Day of the Dead celebrations. Behind them, an altar is set up with colorful paper flowers, papel picado (perforated paper), candles, photographs, and small skeleton decorations.


Latin American Programs at NMSU is a student-serving unit that promotes all student success through education, outreach, and the development of cultural literacy. It is our goal to engage in activities that allow us to:

  • Address campus climate in ways that align with the Hispanic and Minority Serving designations of our University and beyond
  • Commit to programming that fosters a sense of belonging for our students
  • Center the lived experiences of our students as a foundation for university culture, policy, and practice
  • Outreach to NMSU and community partnerships to meet the needs of our students
  • Promote a culture of learning and unlearning that allows all NMSU community members to engage in accountability and equity work through educational opportunities, research, and policy.



Image of a flyer stating "NATIONAL NEW MEXICO DAY Today we celebrate New Mexico, being New Mexican, and everything The Land of Enchantment! With cultural influences from indigenous peoples, Mexico, Spain, and much more, our state is a diverse blend of cultures, traditions, languages, cuisines, and identities. From trailblazing Buffalo Soldiers, including the first female Buffalo Soldier, to Dr. Roy Nakayama's innovative chile variations, the Black and Asian communities have a long history of invaluable contributions to our state. New Mexico is often named as a safe haven and a choice destination for LGBT+ individuals to live. From Dr. Fabian Garcia and our beloved New Mexico chiles and pecans to Tinkertown and the Balloon Fiesta, we really are proud of our amazing and diverse state." The image is a colorful and celebratory poster titled "National New Mexico Day." The top portion of the poster features a bright yellow background with a white banner across the center, containing the bold black text "NATIONAL NEW MEXICO DAY." Below this, multiple hot air balloons in diverse colors, including red, orange, and shades of blue, float above an illustrated mountain range. The background depicts a gradient sky transitioning from yellow at the top to a lighter color towards the mountains.  In the lower portion of the image, there's a white background with a detailed paragraph celebrating the cultural diversity and historical contributions of New Mexico. This text honors figures from various communities and highlights the state's significance for indigenous peoples, Mexican heritage, and other cultural influences.  At the bottom, in a row, there are logos of several programs: the American Indian Program at New Mexico State University, the NMSU Chicano Programs, LGBT+ Programs at NMSU, Black Programs, and the Asian Pacific Islander Program at NMSU, each with their respective symbols and designs.



Stay connected with us by following our Instagram account dedicated to Latin American Programs. Keep up with our latest updates, events, and initiatives as we strive to foster an inclusive and supportive community.

The image depicts a large group of people, primarily young adults, standing in multiple rows and smiling. They are wearing colorful serape-style stoles over their shoulders, which feature multicolored stripes. The group appears to be indoors in a well-lit, spacious room with hardwood floors and red-paneled walls. The backdrop includes a large projector screen displaying a slide titled "Graduation: Masters in Social Work," accompanied by a photograph of an individual and some text. The people in the foreground are dressed in a variety of colorful outfits. This image seems to capture a celebratory moment, likely a graduation ceremony.
The image is a screenshot of an Instagram profile page. The profile information is set against a black background. At the top of the screen is the username "nmsu_lap" with three horizontal dots to the right. Below the username is a circular profile picture featuring a green hummingbird with an orange beak and yellow belly. The background of the profile picture is a gradient from pink to orange and includes the text "Latin American Programs" with the "NM State" logo beneath it.  Directly underneath the circular profile picture, the user’s follower statistics are shown: "354 posts", "1,760 followers", and "259 following". Below this, in bold white text, is the full account name "Latin American Programs".  Following this is a gray button with an Instagram logo and the handle "@nmsu_lap". The profile's bio states: "Official Account of NMSU's Latin American Programs (formerly known as Chicano Programs)." There is a link in the bio: "". Below the link, a small circular profile photo followed by "humble_hustler94 and nmsu_api" indicates mutual followers. At the bottom of the screen, there are two rectangular buttons labeled "Follow" and "Message", and a small icon with the outline of a person and a plus sign.
The image shows six people seated around a rectangular table engaged in crafting activities. The room is well-lit, with a large window on the left side revealing a view of trees outside. Various crafting supplies like glue sticks, markers, paper, photographs, and ribbons are scattered on the table. The individuals, all smiling, appear to be creating vision boards. Behind them, a bookshelf filled with decorations, including a large butterfly decoration, is visible. The wall has a few small, framed pictures. The setting is cozy, likely a small classroom or a community room with a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.
The image depicts a group of people gathered in a room with vibrant wall art and a cozy atmosphere. The room has cream-colored walls and a dark carpeted floor. Around seven individuals are seated in various types of chairs, forming a semicircle. The focal point appears to be a person speaking, seated on a red couch at the far end of the room, holding a laptop. Opposite them, other individuals are seated on office chairs or on another couch, attentively listening.  On the left side of the image, there is a long desk with several computer monitors, and backpacks placed on and around it. The walls are adorned with colorful murals; one of them features a large, abstract face, while another shows a person in a white robe. Above the desk is a maroon pennant with the text "Go Aggies!"  A bulletin board with various notices and posters is visible in the background. A fluorescent light fixture runs across the ceiling, casting bright light over the room. The atmosphere suggests a meeting or discussion in progress.
 The image is a screenshot from Instagram showcasing a group of people at an event. At the forefront, there is a table covered by a maroon cloth with white text that reads, "BE BOLD. Shape the Future. New Mexico State University," and "Chicano Programs." Two individuals at the table are holding up signs and cheering. The person on the left is wearing a light pink bucket hat, glasses, a denim jacket, and a black t-shirt while holding up a sign with the text, "Dazz Mats and Neveah Superfans," decorated with a heart. The person on the right has long dark hair and is wearing a white jacket over a red top and blue shorts, holding up a sign with the text, "WE (heart) STUDENT PERFORMERS." Various items such as water bottles and pamphlets are visible on the table. In the background, other people can be seen standing and mingling, partially lit by nighttime lighting.
This is an outdoor scene featuring two individuals standing behind a table covered with a maroon tablecloth bearing the text "BE BOLD. Shape the Future. New Mexico State University." The individual on the left is holding a black umbrella, wearing a black tube top, light blue high-waisted jeans, and a light grey cardigan. The individual on the right is wearing a black t-shirt with a white and red graphic on it and blue jeans.  On the table, there are several items including a pink hat, stacks of papers, clipboards with lime green sheets of paper, a holder with pens, a black water bottle, and a clear jar filled with candy. Behind the table, the scene includes a grassy area, parking spaces with several cars, trees with green foliage, and a building in the background.

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The Annual Survey Form for the Latin American Programs is a vital resource for collecting important feedback from our community. By taking part in this survey, you offer valuable insights that enable us to enhance our programs and services. Your responses are confidential and will significantly impact the development of our initiatives. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in providing your thoughts. Thank you for helping us improve and better serve the needs of our community.


Take the Survey

This is a picture of a flyer saying, Annual Survey, Take a few minutes of your day and help us learn what resources, events, and services you'd like to see in our program. Latin American Programs. The image is a colorful flyer for an "Annual Survey" organized by Chicanx Programs. The background features vertical stripes in pastel pink and lavender with distressed texture patterns. At the top, a triangular banner with a gradient from blue to green contains the text "Annual SURVEY" in black and green letters. The main message is displayed in a central, gray box with rounded corners, written in a casual, black font. On either side of the gray box are two colorful hummingbirds facing inward, one on the left and one on the right, with vibrant green, blue, and purple feathers. Below the gray box, the words "Chicanx Programs" are written with "Chicanx" in black and "Programs" in bold black. At the bottom, there are three logos against a green and pink distressed background. The logos represent: “Equity, Inclusion, Diversity” with a crest of New Mexico State University, “Chicanx Programs NMSU” in black and white, and “Latin American Student Council” with a map of Latin America. 

¡Estás en tu casa en Programas Chicanos!

The image is a circular logo featuring abstract human figures and text. The central part of the logo consists of a stylized graphic depicting three maroon semi-oval shapes representing heads arranged in a curved line above two grey rounded shapes representing bodies against a light grey circular background. Surrounding this graphic, a maroon circular band contains the text "EQUITY • INCLUSION • DIVERSITY" at the top and "NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY" at the bottom, both in uppercase letters. The words are separated by circular bullets. Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity